Windows and doors


The future of energy efficiency


New LINEAL system was designed in Tehnomarket with an intention to maximally utilize the advantages of aluminium as material in the production of the new generation of doors and windows, with special focus regarding maximal energy efficiency.

  • Exceptional energy efficiency
  • Contemporary, minimalistic design
  • Two system options-aluminium and aluminium-wood

Proven quality that lasts


Simplistic, essential design and application of modern technical solutions and materials creates a perfect foundation for quality, affordable aluminium windows and doors.
Several design options and basic system profiles allow for many combinations simple adjustment for different projects

  • Great price/performance ratio
  • Different design options
  • Large element dimensions supported


A touch of luxury for your home


Luxurious upgrade of TMT system that features massive wooden cladding that discreetly refines any interior, creating attractive, refined atmosphere. The wooden cladding is attached to an aluminium frame via patented polyamide cleats that allow for independent dilatation of both materials.
Several different wood options painted in 20 shades of ecological colors are available

  • Luxurious materials
  • Numerous wood and color options
  • Arched windows and doors compatibility


Blurred borders between exterior and interior


Modern slide system featuring two and three sliding rails and support for large element dimensions, TMSL line presents optimal, energy efficient and elegant solution that effectively blurs borders between exterior and interior.
Tehnomarket TMSL is a complete system solution for all architectural projects featuring sliding elements.

  • Massive, modern designed system
  • Several hardware options
  • Large elements supported


The bridge between the future and the past


This unique product in the world offers best of both worlds – durable, modern, energy efficient aluminium window with outer wooden cladding in order to perfectly blend in old city centers and historical areas.
Different wooden profiles enable seamless integration with existing historical buildings and preserves visual identity of central city zones.

  • Unique technical solution
  • Significant improvement of energy efficiency
  • Massive wooden cladding on the outside


For efficient protection and increased security


Each project is individually approached with great attention and attention to details, since optimal safety and security of our clients is imperative with this line of products.

  • Different security levels
  • Special, high load barring hardware
  • Strategically integrated steel reinforcements


Effective aluminium profile systems without thermal break


Numerous technical solutions, design options and functional hardware all add up to a rounded product line specifically adjusted for requirements paced on aluminium systems without thermal break.

  • Economical aluminium profile system
  • Higly adjustable for project specific solutions
  • Supports single and double glazing


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