TEHNOMARKET TMTP is a ventilated facade system suitable for different types of artificial or natural cladding materials. This system also supports opaque glass panels and PV panels for multimedial and interactive facades.

System is designed for ventilated facades with aluminium substructure, consisting of system anchors, vertical load barring profiles and adjustable panel brackets (both visible and invisible). The entire substructure enables adjustability of finished panels, both during and after installation, in all three directions. One of the special features of the TMTP system are the special anchors with the length up to 500mm that can be combined with other VENT substructure systems, and enable the maximal cladding distance from the load bearing wall of 650mm.


    • Extreme system flexibility
    • Maximal anchor length of 500mm and 650mm distance for cladding from the wall.
    • Great variety of cladding materials
    • Adjustability of every facade field

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