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Perfect windows for your home

Save 30% of energy with our modern windows and doors


Constant rise in energy cost, and heightened awareness about environmental protection have constantly increasing influence in building and construction industry. Terms like decrease in CO2 emission, energy efficiency, thermal envelope of building and thermal imaging analysis are on a forefront during construction of new or rehabilitation of existing buildings.
Tehnomarket offers more lines of energy efficient windows and doors suitable for different object categories and client needs, along with consultative advice from our experienced engineering team that will readily give you advice and recommendation for optimal solution and choic of products.

  • Modern windows and doors for every purpose
  • Energy savings up to 30%
  • Certified quality
  • Modern glass facade sysems

    A perfect solution for luxurious projects


    Glass facade concept is widely accepted as an optimal solution for

    • Several product groups for different design requirements
    • Option of double and triple glazing
    • Certified performance and quality


    VENT – a new name for modern facades

    Significant contribution to building’s aesthetics and energy efficiency


    The ventilated facade concept was born out of need for high comfort, durability and reduced costs for modern buildings. Due to it’s functionality and simple application, ventilated facade is the favorable solution for big commercial projects, where high level of prefabrication and long-term durability of facade cladding is required.

    Ventilated facades are often applied as an ideal and quick option to revitalize and improve existing objects in line with latest construction standards – simple addition of new, ventilated facade with it’s own substructure attached to an existing wall.

    The ventilated facade is exceptionally durable and long lasting while offering great flexibility in architectural shaping of visible facade surfaces.Wide range of cladding materials, structures, colors and finishes makes the ventilated facade an extremely attractive option for architects and developers.

    • There are two basic groups pf substructures based on shape of cladding panels.
    • Almost limitless selection of supported cladding materials
    • Complete system solutions for facade installation on all types of buildings


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