Aluminium profile systems


Saving has never been easier

Windows and doors account for more than 30% of energy expenditure in building’s total energy balance


Rapid technological development and application of new materials have enabled a new generation of products with extremely high insulation values that greatly contribute to energy savings.
TEHNOMARKET, as one of the leading regional manufacturers of highly energy efficient aluminium profile systems, windows and doors pays special attention to even smallest details and their joint effect on finished products. The fact that we are one of the few aluminium extruders in the region greatly helps with R&D and enables constant product improvement based on market feedback and new energy efficiency regulations.

Every finished window made by TEHNOMARKET d.o.o. is designed to comply with all current ecological, technical and ergonomic standards at a competitive price, which is confirmed with numerous certificates from relevant European and local institutions.

  • Modern product lines for contemporary architecture
  • Exceptional energy efficiency and CO2 reduction.
  • Certified performance and quality

New generation of facades

Modern solutions for all types of energy efficient glass facades


Contemporary architecture has imposed the concept of glass facades as one of the preferred solutions for prestigious buildings, specifically in the business class of buildings where glass facades have a dominant role in creation of visual identity.
Modern glass facade systems like TEHNOMARKET ALUMINIK CS55 offer highly efficient thermal, acoustic and UV barrier.

  • Different product groups for various applications within one system
  • Support for double and triple glazing
  • Certified performance and quality


VENT: new name for ventilated facades

Significant addition to building’s aesthetics and energy efficiency


The ventilated facade concept was born out of need for high comfort, durability and reduced costs for modern buildings.Due to it’s functionality and simple application, ventilated facade is the favourable solution for big commercial projects, where high level of prefabrication and long-term durability of facade cladding is required.

Ventilated facades are often applied as an ideal and quick option to revitalize and improve existing objects in line with latest construction standards – simple addition of new, ventilated facade with it’s own substructure attached to an exising wall.

The ventilated facade, like TEHNOMARKET VENT and TMTP systems, is exceptionally durable and long lasting while offering great flexibility in architectural shaping of visible facade surfaces.Wide range of cladding materials, structures, colors and finishes makes the ventilated facade an extremely attractive option for architects and developers.

  • Two basic groups of substructures based on shape of cladding panels
  • Virtally limitless choice of cladding materials
  • Complete system solutions for all types of projects



One of the most frequently used construction materials


Beside our trademark profile systems, TEHNOMARKET d.o.o. offers a wide range of standard, industrial and custom extruded profiles for various applications.
Our own extrusion factory and experienced team of experts give our clients an interesting option of custom extruded profiles according to their drawings and technical specification.

  • Our own aluminium extrusion factory
  • More than 2000 profiles on offer
  • Custom extrusion options


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